Kids Quotes

Ella (third grader) after seeing a teacher that used to teach at her school said, “She always has her hair in a pony tail. I think she is kind of pretty. (pause) Sometimes I wonder if I’m gay cause I say stuff like that about girls.”

I laughed and said, “We will figure that our when you get older”

That’s the best reply this failed father could come up with.  I was later told that I could have said, “You can think a girl is pretty and not be gay.”

Ella and her best friend were in the car with me after school and I heard Ella say something about taking cooking classes. Then, out of no where told me their life plan while going to college and apparently joining a sorority, “Isabelle and I are going to cook in the house and Lauren will do our homework.”

I laughed and didn’t know what to say once again. In my mind I’m thinking, it’s a good plan if you can get someone to do your homework for you! It won’t help you so much after college but I got to giver her props to planning ahead in third grade already.

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